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Game Changing Course – A journey of Transformation

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In order to tackle this most challenging problem of Industry, MCPL has designed this game changing Course by blending the scientifically proven “REPA” Sales Techniques along with implementing Fundamentals of Tribology that include knowledge of additives, lubricants and guideline formulations.

It instills the insights, strategies, and tactics to navigate through the turbulent waves with confidence and complete control. It is an interactive, hand holding course with regular assignments and assessments. This will supercharge the professionals with necessary skills and empower them with creative tools to unlock the secrets of sales and profitability.

This course is a perfect fit for emerging business owners or beginners on their career path or experienced industry professionals. It is not a course, but a journey of transformation to become 

Super Successful Sales Star

So your success story is just one course away, let’s begin this exciting voyage.

“In this industry, Oil and water may not mix; but in this course, knowledge and success certainly mix!”

Where there is Fuel, there is Fire. This course will act like a fuel for the business progress which will set the sales on fire, like igniting a well-oiled automobile, powering towards the targets with a roaring engine of success.