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A Call to Action

Certainly, Brain investment is the best investment that will give you the highest returns! And TODAY is that day to make this investment. The Good Time to act is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!! Every day that you delay, your competitors will fly far away making it even more difficult for you to bridge that gap between […]
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Game Changing Course – A journey of Transformation

In order to tackle this most challenging problem of Industry, MCPL has designed this game changing Course by blending the scientifically proven “REPA” Sales Techniques along with implementing Fundamentals of Tribology that include knowledge of additives, lubricants and guideline formulations. It instills the insights, strategies, and tactics to navigate through the turbulent waves with confidence […]
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Oil is well if the Sale is well

Tribology is all about reducing friction and to improve the efficiency of machine & life of equipment. Lubricants play a vital role as an essential component of various industries, from manufacturing to aviation to transportation. US, China & India are top 3 lubricant producing countries. India alone has annual demand of 3.5 million tons i.e. […]
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The burning issue of the industry

The Speciality Lubricant & High Performance Chemical Industry faces the most brutally honest fact and road block in the progress of this industry, where even the most qualified professionals are selling the chemicals like vegetables. They only know how to constantly push buyers by all means & create price war by giving more discounts in […]
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