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About us

Unveiling the Visionary Leadership

Mr. Ravi Ahuja is the visionary Founder and Maestro of Mystica Chemicals Pvt Ltd, carrying the flame of passion to create a thriving community of lubricant sales professionals – a SalesTribe of Tribologists – who can lead the industry into a new era of excellence.

Armed with a robust and bright academic background; B. Tech in Chemicals complemented by an MBA in Marketing Management; he brings a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic marketing insight to the forefront.

His commitment to professional development has led him to prestigious international technical trainings in the United States, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, and Dubai, a doorway through which the finest industry practices unfolded revealing a global perspective and a comprehensive understanding of best industry practices.

Since the inception of his journey in 2001, Mr. Ahuja has been an active and influential figure in the overseas and domestic Lubricant Oil & Petrochemical industry with a distinguished imprint. He intends to give this treasure trove of knowledge back to the industry. This rich and vast industry experience will surely help Lubricant Professionals to stay at the top of their game.

Beyond his professional achievements, Mr. Ahuja is recognized for his serene and composed, yet dynamic conduct of business coupled with a sharp intellect and focused mind making him capable of handling extreme situations. He embodies spirituality with a compassionate approach and clear intention to help Lubricant professionals worldwide, channeling their expertise to elevate the industry benchmark and positively impact the global community to live a purposeful life.

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Mr. Ravi Ahuja

(Chairman and founder)

Our Vision, Mission and Values

  • Our mission is to empower 1 million sales professionals across the globe to help them achieve their business goals & live a purposeful life.
  • When we say, we are pleased to serve you, we really mean it!
  • We are embarking on a journey to create the Sales Tribe of Tribologists – a new breed of leaders who will elevate the benchmark of the entire lubricant industry.

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